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February 29, 2015: This year has started off different than most years. The show promoters are having a hard time setting schedules witch coincide with one another. Instead there as many as three shows in the state on one weekend and then two weekends in a row with no shows at all. That's a problem for vendors that depend on a weekly show as their only income. I'm grateful it isn't a problem for me. The March 5-6, 2016 gun show in Tucson at the Pima County Fairgrounds should be a good one. A lot of customers are concerned about the future of reliable public gun sales so they are making purchases now while they still can. When men buy guns, their wives buy jewelry. Hoorah. Hope to see all my Tucson friends this weekend at the show. May God bless and keep you safe in these tumultuous times.

November 5, 2015: The Tucson gun show last weekend was one of the weakest shows I've seen in Tucson. I know it's a little early for our winter visitors but that's no excuse for this poor of a turnout and lack of sales at a well publicized event. It's the weak economy.

October, 2015: Too many gun shows.. There will be 11 gun shows in Arizona from October through December 2015. This makes it very hard on the vendors because it spreads the sales over too many shows. The amount of sales we would have at one really good show are now spread over four shows, and each show cost the same amount of time and money. Many vendors are giving up, walking away from businesses they have run for 20 years. Add all of this to the fact the economy is anemic at best we have a recipe for disaster if things don't change. I wish I had better news...

June 28, 2015: We had a good show in Mesa, AZ last weekend with Crossroads of the West. Many of the regular vendors were there selling firearms, ammunition, magazines, and military and western accessories. Little T-Rex was there with us as usual, and Chica came along this time too. People are always amazed at how well our pets behave, most people don't even know they are there... unless Rexey gets around a corner and gets everyone to stop and pet him. Chica had just enough leash to sit quietly beside the adjoining vendor, an older gentleman who gladly shared his chicken dinner with her. She politely swallowed every bite without chewing even once - she doesn't have many teeth and she doesn't want to waste time using the few she still has.
March sales were a little better than December through February, but I can tell the economy is still not doing great and definitely not growing. At least not here on the front line. Although I must say it is amazing to see what happens every time there is a report that there will be a ban on some ammunition or guns, then its a mad rush to buy. The week before last when there was talk of banning the .556 green tip ammo the FBI National Instant Criminal Background (NICS) E-Check System was down for the whole day on Sunday. I am sure there were gun dealers from around that nation in a fury. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales were lost because of the outage. Ah well, there's a government program at work for ya.

Mary and Ken Sparks

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